StockEdge partnered with TeamEpic to drive enterprise-wide transformation with longevity

We train our consultants in the tools and techniques our clients need to ensure their data is trustworthy and readily available to gain business-critical insight.


StockEdge is a research and analytics-based platform that empowers its users to understand growing equity markets, primarily based on NSE and BSE data. StockEdge realized the power of next-generation technology to revolutionize the speed, precision and reliability of their services and stay ahead of the competition. They needed to rapidly build their data team with the skills to execute and advance their data, AI and cloud capabilities in order to redefine their operations across the business. To keep up with the pace of change, StockEdge's leadership were challenged not only to bridge their widening skills gap but find and onboard resource whilst facing highly pressurized capacity and managerial bandwidth amidst accelerated timelines and demand for technological transformation.  

Investment data

StockEdge began building its Data Insights team with TeamEpic in 2022. We curated a training and upskilling programme to build a workforce capable of facilitating immense transformation goals. As StockEdge increased investment in next-generation tech, TeamEpic has scaled their provision of consultants to deliver a highly cost-effective alternative to traditional consultancies whilst creating a reliable means of acquiring talent by retaining our consultants as full-time employees after 2 years. Our Data Consultants are expertly trained by our team of industry leaders to understand, implement, and drive the adoption of StockEdge's technology solutions as part of a wide variety of data skills, with a sharp focus on delivering business value in the agile environment. 


TeamEpic has deployed 2 consultants to support the delivery of essential data functions and revolutionize their insights to stay ahead of the competition. By utilizing our consultants, StockEdge made a cost saving of 32% over the use of traditional consultancies, with the risk of potential future costs, such as losing IP competitors or hiring, training and onboarding permanent staff, removed entirely.