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Enhancing Fintech AI Capabilities: TeamEpic's Talent Solution for Verde Finance

A strategic talent deployment enhances Verde Finance's AI-driven fintech solutions, fostering financial literacy and wealth generation


Verde Finance, a modern fintech company, sought to enrich their investment analytics and social media integration. With a vision of democratizing investment analytics and enhancing financial literacy, they faced the challenge of accessing affordable, high-caliber AI talent in the U.S. market – a crucial need for their cutting-edge financial technology development.

The Challenge - Verde Finance
The Solution - Verde Finance

In response to this challenge, a proficient AI Engineer was deployed to augment Verde's AI development. Understanding the budgetary constraints of startups, an economical talent solution was offered, including a complimentary trial period. This approach ensured an optimal match for Verde's specific needs. Additionally, mentorship focused on upskilling the AI Engineer in areas critical to Verde's projects was provided. This tailored support played a key role in enhancing the AI Engineer's ability to effectively contribute to Verde's innovative initiatives.


The collaboration between TeamEpic and Verde Finance has led to notable achievements, with the deployed AI Engineer playing a key role in advancing Verde's AI tools. This partnership has supported Verde Finance in their mission to enhance financial literacy and wealth creation, while demonstrating TeamEpic's capacity to offer effective, cost-efficient AI talent solutions, reflected in over 75% cost savings.

The Result - Verde Finance