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TeamEpic's engineers have significantly improved our AI and data processing capabilities, and immediately started to deliver valuable insights for us. The team's expertise, dedication, and responsiveness were outstanding, and we look forward to continuing our partnership. They are truly a credible and reliable partner in our growth journey.

As a startup in AI development, we needed high-quality AI talent at an affordable cost, and TeamEpic proved to be a game-changer in meeting this need. The free trial period was particularly effective, allowing us to gauge the compatibility and quality of the services offered.

Initially skeptical about remote work quality and data security with TeamEpic, I was proven wrong. Their thorough training, strong processes, and highly secure IT infrastructure ensure top-notch quality and data protection. They are more than just remote engineers; they feel like my true team members despite the distance.

TeamEpic's engineers could understand the different cultures of our US and UK clients, making it easy to work together. We were unsure if a team working remotely could do great work, but TeamEpic delivers top-notch work. It doesn't matter that they're not in the same place as us, and it's really impressive how their engineers keep up such good work from afar.

TeamEpic's AI engineers seamlessly blended into our team, quickly understanding our needs and offering the support we needed. Their smooth onboarding process and responsive nature made the integration effortless and effective, making us eager to continue our partnership.

TeamEpic stands out as the ideal partner; their engineers are not only well-trained but also deliver powerful solutions. They ensured full ownership of the IP remained with us while rigorously adhering to all security protocols, showcasing their commitment to our project's success and integrity.

Seems incredible? Here's why!

  • In-House Innovation: Cutting-edge proprietary tools and processes, brought to life by our exclusive and agile Data Science & AI Training Academy.
  • Future-Focused Investment: Resources directed towards AI innovation and exploration.
  • Excellence at Every Step: Unwavering obsession with quality and performance.
  • Solving the 'Why': Tackling all the essential challenges of hiring skilled remote talent for your team.
  • Scalable Success: Flexible, on-demand access to a pool of 'work-ready' AI engineers.
AI Engineer
AI Engineer

Experience it for yourself!

  • Data Science & AI expertise: Skilled engineers proficient in the newest technologies, and continuously upskilled to remain at the forefront of AI advancements.
  • Fluent Communication: High English proficiency for clear and effective interactions
  • Global Remote Experience: Expertise in remote tools, asynchronous communication, and efficient reporting processes for offsite reliability.
  • Secure Infrastructure: Advanced IT systems ensuring data and network security
  • IP Protection: A work environment committed to safeguarding your intellectual property. With a focus on client ownership, rest assured that everything produced under our partnership is entirely and unequivocally yours.

How TeamEpic works


Book a free consultation, and we'll get to know you and your business, understand your technical requirements, industry use-cases, and working style so we can best consult your needs.


We will curate matches to TeamEpic AI engineers who are well suited for your needs. We will facilitate discussions to ensure you choose your favorite.


Our Head of Data Science & AI will help facilitate your relationship, by kickstarting a 15-day free trial with your engineer.


Upon successful trial completion, you pay us a flat fee of $1500/mo. Our engineer is yours; we will manage local payroll, taxes, compliance, and administration. 


Once your engagement begins, we will conduct performance and training reviews, every month. You will receive a TeamEpic Performance Report for unparalleled transparency.


We will continue to upskill your engineer on rapidly evolving and new AI technologies. 


We Have Impactful Results

Discover How Our AI Engineers Drive Real-World Success for Our Clients


Satya Systems sought additional support to accelerate their data and AI project while facing budget limitations and limited managerial bandwidth.


We addressed the talent gap by deploying a dedicated data consultant, further augmented by ongoing expert mentorship tailored to specific project needs.


Achieved 62% cost savings and substantial improvements in data analytics, fostering a long-term relationship.


Verde Finance, a fintech company, faced challenges in hiring affordable, high-quality AI talent in the U.S. - a crucial need for their cutting-edge financial technology development.


A skilled AI Engineer was deployed to Verde Finance, providing an economical talent solution with specialized mentorship, ensuring an ideal match for their innovative projects.


The collaboration resulted in significant advancements in AI tools for enhancing financial literacy and wealth creation, with effective AI talent deployment achieving over 75% cost savings.


StockEdge needed to build its data team to keep up with the pace of change. They were challenged to find and onboard a skilled resource whilst facing highly pressurized capacity and managerial bandwidth. 


We curated a training and upskilling programme to build a workforce capable of facilitating their immense transformation goals.


StockEdge made a cost saving of 32% by hiring our consultants to support the delivery of essential data functions and revolutionize their insights to stay ahead of the competition.