How does TeamEpic work?

Explore our process for integrating skilled AI talent into teams like yours

1. Let us know what you're looking for

Every TeamEpic partnership begins with your vision for AI exploration and excellence. If you're ready to expand your team with our highly-trained remote AI engineers, start by sharing your requirements with us.

Simply fill out this form to initiate the process.

Hiring AI Engineer

2. We'll present our vetted and trained AI engineers to you

Our AI engineers, fully employed by us, will be introduced to you, ensuring alignment with your specific requirements.

You will then have the opportunity to engage in one-on-one interviews with each engineer. This is your chance to delve deeper into their skills and personality, ensuring they not only match your technical needs but also seamlessly integrate into your company's culture.

Resume screening

3. Select and start with the 15-day trial

Choose the best engineer or engineers who align with your needs.

Following your selection, the 15-day risk-free, zero-cost trial begins. This trial period is designed for you to assess the fit of our AI engineer within your team dynamics. It offers an opportunity for direct interaction, allowing a tailored onboarding and training process that integrates with your company's workflow and culture. TeamEpic ensures that you have the flexibility and confidence in finding the right match for your team.

AI Engineer

4.  You hire the best-fit engineer

After the trial, if you're happy with the engineer, just pay a flat fee of $1500 per month - all inclusive and no hidden fees!

You get a great AI engineer and we will continue to take care of all local management, compliance, and administration. Simple and hassle-free!

Signing a partnership